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Gulf Coast Family Church of the Nazarene offers many ministries.  This page is designed to provide information on each ministry we offer.
Children's Ministry
Our children's ministries are focused on helping our children build strong relationships, first with God, second with their families, and third with their friends and communities.  This is done through exciting lessons and open worship where children are free to express themselves through their praise.  Jesus said, "let the little children come..."  GCF's children's ministry seeks to help them understand how they can be a part of God's plan.  Through monthly virtues, object lessons, and activities, children learn how to live God's way and use their gifts for God's purposes.
Youth Ministry
Life can push us in so many directions that it is easy to feel lost, lonely, and ignored.  With so many ideas about what we are supposed to be and do in life, how do we know where to go, or what to do?  Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life."  Directions student ministries seeks to find our direction by seeking the only One who can give us true direction.  If you are looking for a safe place to explore your faith and worship God, free from judgment; if you are looking for a place to belong, than we are the place for you.
Ladies Ministry
 Amour of God Bible Study

Men's Ministry
Bi-weekly men's meeting
Prison Ministry
We minister to people in prison
Gamblers Anonymous
Men's Softball 
Food Pantry
Give a Little Christmas
Nazarene Mission International
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